Secure your well-being and financial stability before any unforeseen event

We guarantee your peace of mind in case of disability.


Disability plans


Our health insurance plans provide you with the tools and benefits you need to have and promote a permanently healthy life in your family.


AV Prada has important allies that offer a variety of programs and services to ensure your health and well-being.


We will cover the basic needs that arise in the event that you must be absent from work due to a disability.

Your benefits with AV Prada’s disability plans:

  • Monthly income to sustain their standard of living.

  • Coverage of needs while recovering from an illness or accident.

  • Increased knowledge regarding the types of disability insurance policies.


We get to know your needs through a personal and friendly conversation where we address what is essential for you and your family.


Based on your information, we make a study of social and legal aspects to provide you with the best service and products.


We perform a permanent monitoring and follow-up to know if you feel satisfied with the process and the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

It provides you with support to cover basic needs while recovering from an illness or accident.

You don’t cover them. This is a plan to prevent and pay you cash when an accident or illness occurs.

You can use it to pay your deductible.

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