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Jewelry Insurance


The concept of jewelry has been defined by the insurers, in general, as those objects or ornaments for personal use made of pearls, precious stones or composed of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or others.


The insurance has jewelry coverage for works of art, antique books, collectible furniture or general collections. Although for this type of objects there are other coverages, such as the coverage for goods of extraordinary value.


We protect jewelry from theft by covering the damages derived from this type of situation, whether it happens inside or outside the home. Likewise, we protect jewelry during a temporary displacement outside the home.

Your benefits with jewelry insurance plans:

  • Affordable prices, when compared to the total value of the piece, this price is quite reasonable, especially since it gives you peace of mind knowing that your jewelry will be safe no matter what happens in the future.

  • It protects expensive pieces of jewelry, of course, the whole purpose of jewelry insurance is to protect the value of your insured items.


We get to know your needs through a personal and friendly conversation where we address what is essential for you and your family.


Based on your information, we make a study of social and legal aspects to provide you with the best service and products.


We perform a permanent monitoring and follow-up to know if you feel satisfied with the process and the results.

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