Living life to the fullest requires a state of optimal health that guarantees your well-being.

Make it possible with us


Health insurance


Our health insurance plans provide you with the tools and benefits you need to have and promote a permanently healthy life in your family.


AV Prada has important allies that offer a variety of programs and services to ensure your health and well-being.


We manage your health needs on an ongoing basis to keep your plan up to date and adapted to your current needs.

Your benefits with AV Prada’s health insurance plans:

  • Emergency care center.

  • Full medical coverage.

  • Drug coverage.

  • Medicare plans.

  • Servicios pediátricos.

  • Preventive and wellness services.


We get to know your needs through a personal and friendly conversation where we address what is essential for you and your family.


Based on your information, we make a study of social and legal aspects to provide you with the best service and products.


We perform a permanent monitoring and follow-up to know if you feel satisfied with the process and the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

At AV Prada we have different plans to fit your budget and needs. Contact us to choose the best one for you.

Must have legal immigration status, we offer different plans for people who are traveling, visiting or have not established their immigration status.

We do have insurance. For example, for diabetics or people with other types of illnesses. These depend on pre-existence.

Please contact us directly for more information.

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